How To Use New Google Search Console Correctly?

How To Use New Google Search Console Correctly? Would you like to look through a particular spot, climate condition or different things without utilizing application? Recently google removes their old version of google search console and it might be difficult for you to use the New Google Search Console Correctly. You can reference our New Google Search Console Tutorials  on YouTube.

New Google Search Console has this component to look through spot, tell climate condition, ascertain basic numerical, unit transformation, characterize terms or word reference and many element. You have to look with unique word to discover each search effectively and immediately.

New Google Search Console Correctly:

How To Use New Google Search Console Correctly

Actually,it looks so amazing and comes with the advanced features than the old version. You can also check our New Google Search Console Tutorials on YouTube.

Area: We should begin with area and spot. On the off chance that you need to look through a spot and you need to get area you can scan for ‘find white house’ and you will get the area of The White House.

On the off chance that you are planning to discover a pastry shop close to seattle simply scan for ‘bread shop seattle’.

New Google Search Console Tutorials

New Google Search Console Tutorials

Climate: Search ‘climate’ to see the climate in your area or include a city name. Similar to ‘climate seattle’, to discover climate for a specific spot. As you can see this in New Google Search Console Tutorials video.

Word reference: Put ‘characterize’ before any word to see its definition.

Figurings: Enter a math condition like ‘3*9123’, or tackle complex diagramming conditions.

Unit changes: Enter any change, similar to ‘3 dollars in euros.’

Sports: Quest for the name of your group to see a timetable, game scores and the sky is the limit from there.

Fast certainties: Quest for the name of a big name, area, motion picture, or tune to discover related data.

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