Update Nameserver of Com.Np Domain

In the last article, we discussed about how to register the .com.np domain for free. After having a free .com.np domain you can use it on different web hosting or Server. While registering your domain name from register.com.np you might have placed the nameserver of your server to register the domain. Now after some time, you have changed your Web Hosting or server and you want to connect your domain name with your new Web Hosting. This is simple in this article we will see how to connect your new Web hosting to your .com.np domain & also How To Update Nameserver of .Com.Np Domain.

  1. Login Into Your Existing AccountRegister .com.np Dashboard

    Now open your existing account on Register.com.np and switch to your dashboard section.

  2. Now Click on Active Domain

    Register .com.np Active DomainBy default, you will be on New Request/Under Approval section so select Active Domain to see your all active main of your account.

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  3. Select Your DomainRegister .com.np Domain list

    If you have only one domain in your account then it’s ok otherwise select your domain which you want to Update Nameserver of .Com.Np Domain from the list.

  4. Click on Edit DNSChange Nameserver of Register .com.np Domain

    To Update Nameserver of .Com.Np Domain Select the Edit DNS option of the domain. And remove both Primary and Secondary Nameserver and enter your new Nameservers. Don’t enter the wrong nameserver because it takes 2 days to update. So carefully enter your new nameserver while entering.

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  5. Click on Save to Update Nameserver of .Com.Np Domain   

    Finally, now click on the Edit DNS button to update your nameservers.

Now all the steps are complete if you have enter your nameservers correctly. It will go under DNS modification and will review by the staff of Mercantile Communication Pvt. Ltd. It will take two working days to update. Once your nameserver is updated it will come back to the active domain section of your account.

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