How To Get 5000+ Blog Visitors Per Day From Facebook [101% Working]

Hello, everyone you are welcome on Prabin Sah blog. If you are a blogger then you must know how difficult blogging is for new bloggers. The main problem for new bloggers is traffic. They don’t know how to drive traffic to their website. Actually, it is quite simple to get traffic on your new blog but you have to keep certain things in your mind for getting almost 5000+ visitors per day. If you are thing about to earn through blogging the traffic is most necessary because without traffic we can’t earn a single penny from it. There is an interrelation between traffic and revenue in the contest of blogging. The more traffic you have the more you earn. Facebook is one of the best ways to drive traffic to your blog website. know about How To Increase Traffic From Facebook.

How To Increase Traffic From Facebook

How To Increase Traffic

You might have found many articles regarding how to get traffic to your blog using Facebook. But this article is different form each and every article you have found. In this article, you will find the secret and detailed information about How To Increase Traffic From Facebook. This article I will provide you all the necessary tips which will work 100% to rank any new blog in a short period of time. So without wasting time lets start the Tips & Trick For Traffic From Facebook.

Simply make a Facebook group on the name of your blog name 

If you want more Traffic ON Your New Blog in a short time then create a Facebook group on your blog name which is free of cost. Then share your blog posts in the group and this will help you to Increase Traffic on A New Blog.

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Tips For Creating And Getting Traffic From Facebook  Group
  • On Facebook you can add your friends in a group without their permission. So simply create a group with the same name of your blog and add at least 300 members per day so in a month you will have a group of almost 9000 members then simply tell your friends also to add members in your group. Now You have enough big Facebook group for sharing your blog post there. After Sharing a blog post of your new bog I think you can get a minimum of 1000 visitors on your blog which is quite an impressing trick to Increase Traffic on A New Blog.
  • And try to get them engaged is one of the best Trick For Traffic From Facebook with the comments by giving them a satisfactory reply from your side which will build their trust on your blog website and you will get returning visitors for the blog. Returning visitors is the main source to Increase Traffic on A New Blog.
Don’t Forget About Creating A Facebook page of Your Blog

Never forget about creating a Facebook page For Your blog and invite your friends to like that page. This is the best Trick For Traffic From Facebook. Now share your blog post there you will get enough traffic from there too for your new blog website.

Also, Join The Related Facebook Group According To Your Blog

You have to pick up some big Facebook groups too which is relevant to your blog website. And this will help you to get the actual and or the keen readers who are searching for this article. You will have a huge number of Traffic ON Your New Blog which will give good revenue.

How To Share Your Blog Post in Facebook Groups and Pages 

Everyone shares their blog post in Facebook groups and pages but you have shared with quite different styles. Sharing blog post Trick For Traffic From Facebook. Please add at least 100 words describing the post in the caption section which will attract the visitors to visit your blog website. Try to share your links with a preview image of your blog post which will more better.


If you are a new blogger then you can follow these steps to Increase Traffic on A New Blog which is free of cost. After this, you can have enough traffic for a new blog website which will be impressive Traffic ON Your New Blog.

I think you guys might have liked this post (How To Increase Traffic From Facebook). For updates please subscribe to our newsletter by your email address and also allow the notifications for more updates. If you have any query regarding this post please leave a comment below.

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