How To Get Google AdSense Approval in Nepal

Google AdSense is one of the best Ads provider for the publishers. If you are worrying much about that your Google AdSense is not being approved by Google then just chill. Although you have Google AdSense approved account but you don’t have enough traffic or good content then it is useless. If your content is nice and has enough traffic on your website then even get Google can stop getting Google AdSense Approval in Nepal.

How To Get Google AdSense Approval in Nepal?

Many of you might are thinking that Google AdSense is not available for Nepal. But don’t think a lot it is available in Nepal by Google since a long time ago. For getting Google AdSense Approval in Nepal  one must follow the following steps:

  1. Top-Level Domain Name

Never use free domain for getting Google AdSense Approval because Google don’t approves such account which are not Top Level Domain. In Nepal, To Get Google AdSense Approval you can also use TLD Domain for Google AdSense.

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2. A Consistent Web Server/ Hosting

Many of you get your Google AdSense application because of site down or unavailable this is because when Google checks your website at that time your website is down. So, if you are using Free Web Hosting then please don’t use it because it violates the Google AdSense policies. One of the Cheapest Web Hosting Provider in Nepal is Protozoa Host here Web Hosting starts at RS 30 per month.

3. Web Layout/ Design

The layout factor also matters a lot in getting Google Adsense approval. If you are on WordPress platform then you can easily find such a theme that is well optimized and AdSense friendly. Otherwise, try to design a layout yourself that is suitable for your website.

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4. Content is King

Don’t Copy and Paste other content that is already crawled by Google because they don’t want to provide their Ads on duplicate content websites. So try to write a good and meaningful content by yourself. For Google AdSense Approval in Nepal don’t write content in Nepali language because till now AdSense doesn’t support Nepali language. Therefore publish your content in the English language or the language which is supported by them. Try to have your content up to 300+ plus words and it will good enough if have knowledge of SEO.

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5.Traffic For Google Adsense Approval

As traffic is one of the most important aspects for Google Adsense approval. If you have already have done a good SEO with your contents then you will have enough Organic traffic. Otherwise, look for referral traffic from Facebook, Instagram, etc.

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Now, If you have completed all the above steps then now nothing can stop you from getting Google AdSense Approval in Nepal. Create a fresh Gmail account and paste the Adsense code into the header section of your Website. And have patience for the reply from the Google AdSense Team. If you don’t get approval this time then don’t worry and look into your content once again and again reapply. This time you will get 100% Google AdSense approval for your website.

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